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Current Mars News from Google:
Russia opting for moon base cooperation with China over US 'not surprising'  Global Times
Nasa awards SpaceX contracts to build backbone of Earth’s first moon base  The Independent
Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station  SpaceNews
SpaceX's Starship rocket lands but then explodes  BBC News
Warsaw scientist looking to take moon surface materials to build lunar base  The First News
Could Astronauts Rear Fish on the Moon? | Innovation  Smithsonian Magazine
ESA is Working on a Mission to Explore Caves on the Moon  Universe Today
Powering a Moon village - Smart Energy  Smart Energy
This Mars-Studying Scientist May Be the First Woman to Walk on the Moon  Scientific American
DARPA to survey private sector capabilities to build factories on the moon  SpaceNews
China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond
NASA hits pause on its Artemis moon lander competition
'For All Mankind' take a giant leap into alternate world  Martinsville Bulletin
Moon-based aquaculture may not be so far, far away  IntraFish
Can a Moon Base Be Safe for Astronauts?  Scientific American
Podcast: Why It's Important We Go Back To The Moon  Bay News 9
Solving the climate and energy crises: Mine the Moon's helium-3? | TheHill  The Hill
Crew of mock lunar 'biosphere' grew food and made oxygen for 200 days  New Scientist
NASA's Artemis Base Camp on the Moon Will Need Light, Water, Elevation
Burnt Hills students plot out life on moon, win competition; O'Rourke MS team defends title  The Daily Gazette
Wireless Reliability on the Moon | SIGNAL Magazine  Signal Magazine
Artemis: how ever changing US space policy may push back the next Moon landing  The Conversation UK
China's super-heavy-lift rocket awaits state approval, to serve in lunar manned mission around 2030: experts  Global Times
Q-CTRL and Fleet to develop quantum sensing tech for space exploration  ZDNet
China And Russia To Sign A Deal To Build First Moonbase  Euro Weekly News
Marco Luciano debuting for Giants in 2022 wouldn't surprise Jim Callis  NBC Sports Bay Area
NASA says maintaining competition a priority for lunar lander procurement  SpaceNews
How to build a Moon base  BBC Focus Magazine
In Conversation: Slaughter Beach, Dog on Surprise-Releasing “At the Moonbase” and This Weekend's Virtual Shows  FLOOD Magazine
Coronavirus cases remain in single digits for US military in Japan, South Korea  Stars and Stripes
Canada to join US mission to moon - Xinhua |  Xinhua
Testing Instruments for Artemis Astronauts  Space Ref
Australian Space Consortium to Leverage Quantum-Based Technologies  Business Wire
‘For All Mankind’ Season 2 Takes Flight  Rolling Stone
'For All Mankind' offers explosive second season | Francine Brokaw |  Daily Herald
China officially plans to move ahead with super-heavy Long March 9 rocket  Ars Technica
Clubhouse gives people who missed TikTok a chance to become influencers
NASA's Artemis Base Camp on the Moon Will Need Light, Water and Elevation  SciTechDaily
10 minute read Big Finish Review: Space 1999 Volume 1  The Digital Fix
Agile Space Industries will fly Durango to the moon  The Durango Herald
Scientists claim fish farming possible on Moon surface  ARY NEWS
Interview with expert Vadim Lukashevich  Realnoe vremya
Straight & Level, March 2021 | In depth | Flight Global  Flightglobal
Polish eagle scouts stole a tank and liberated a concentration camp in the middle of WWII  We Are The Mighty
NASA wants to build a lunar base by 2030. Could 3D printing with moon dust be the answer?  CNN
How NASA Aims to Achieve Perseverance's High-Stakes Mars Landing  Scientific American
Call Them Guardians: Seventeen Airmen Transfer to Space Force at US Air Base in Japan
Water on the Moon could sustain a lunar base  BBC News
Astronaut-led video tour reveals details in 'For All Mankind' moon base
NASA unveils plan for Artemis 'base camp' on the moon beyond 2024
NASA's Artemis Missions to Set Up Base Camp on the Moon  KQED
'Moonbase 8' Review: Not Enough Fuel For Liftoff  NPR
Turning Lunar Dust Into Oxygen – And Using the Leftovers to 3D Print a Moon Base  SciTechDaily
Moonpig (MOON): UK's Leading Online Card Company  ValueWalk
First paying passenger aboard SpaceX's paid moon flight is giving away 8 seats  The Tech Portal
Come see how virtual reality can change human communication  Bangkok Post
Ban Ki-moon Tells All: He Was Miserable Watching Trump Run Wild  PassBlue
Twin Peaks Expands Executive Team to Bolster Franchise Business  FSR magazine
Dynetics Completes 'Lunar Lander' Preliminary Design Review  Huntsville Business Journal
Moon Taxi, Blues Traveler, Drew & Ellie Holcomb to headline new festival in Alabama
Lunar soil sample on display at museum  ecns
NASA Releases Detailed Plan for 2024 Moon Base Camp  Futurism
MORNING VIEW: Base metals prices weaker in Shanghai, mixed in London
Turkey to build a rocket launch site in Somalia to support Moon 2023 landing  ROOM Space Journal
Astronaut-led video tour reveals details in 'For All Mankind' moon base
Comments on: Living on the Moon: NASA's Artemis Base Camp Concept  SciTechDaily
‘Moonbase 8’ Mines Space Exploration for Understated Workplace Comedy: TV Review  Variety
Tom Stevenson · Where are the space arks? Space Forces · LRB 4 March 2021  London Review of Books
US General: Space Force May Build a Moon Base  Futurism
Giving your core insurance systems a second life.  Finextra
China's making Long March 9, a super-heavy rocket intended for sending humans to the moon and Mars » Stuff  Stuff Magazines
Sleeping Poorly? Study Says It's Because Of An Upcoming Full Moon
NASA and Europe Officially Sign Deal to Build Orbital Moon Base  Futurism
Astronauts Could Use Their Own Pee to Build a Moon Base
U.S. Air Force cadets study idea of Space Force bases on the Moon  Science Magazine
How to Build a Home on the Moon  The Wall Street Journal
Building a Moon Base Using Astronaut Waste in Lunar Concrete  SciTechDaily
How easy will it be to build a Moon base?  BBC News
Will increasing traffic to the Moon contaminate its precious ice? news
NASA's Plan to Build a Base Camp on the Moon Sounds Like Sci-Fi, But It's Real  Singularity Hub
Moon bases could be built using astronaut urine  CNN
Pink Floyds popular album Dark Side of the Moon turns 48; fans celebrate milestone  Republic TV
10 March 2021 Nail Designs That Are The Embodiment Of Spring  The Zoe Report
Strong cast aside, ‘Moonbase 8’ is only a small step for comedy  The Boston Globe
Showtime Mission to Moonbase 8 Lands in November  Vulture
High radiation on moon means lunar bases should be buried for safety  Business Insider
China planning moon base after successful lunar rock recovery
Why we'll be copying Chrissy Teigen's spring nail art when salons open  woman&home
China Lands Chang’e-5 Spacecraft on Moon to Gather Lunar Rocks and Soil  The New York Times
New Details About the Artemis Moon Lander and Moon Base
China Moon Mission Brings Lunar Rocks to Earth, and New Competition to Space  The New York Times
Interview: Ron Moore On How 'For All Mankind' Is Building The Road To Star Trek  TrekMovie
COVID, Korea, and 28000 GI's – InsideSources  InsideSources
China Makes Secret Spacecraft and Moon Landing Moves to Heat Up Space Race  Observer
Top Russian space official dismisses NASA's moon plans, considering a lunar base with China instead  CNBC
SpaceX Starship: Elon Musk details tweaks to support moon base missions  Inverse
How the Artemis moon mission could help get us to Mars  MIT Technology Review
China is aiming to attract partners for an international lunar research station  SpaceNews
Three Steps to a Moon Base  IEEE Spectrum
China Plans to Build a Moon Base Near the Lunar South Pole
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