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Current Mars News from Google:
We have the technology to build a colony on the moon. Let’s do it.  The Washington Post

Late last year, President Trump directed NASA to “lead the return of humans to the moon.” For most folks, the meaning of this was pretty clear: Americans would ...

Pangaea-X Moon base  Phys.Org

The technology-focused extension of the Pangaea geology field course, Pangaea-X, is in full swing this week on Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands. The test ...

Europe’s Vision of a Future Moon Base. Made out of Moon Dust.  Universe Today

The European Space Agency has its eyes on a Moon base 3D printed out of lunar soil at that. And the technology is getting closer and closer.

Image: Future moon base  Phys.Org

A vision of a future moon base that could be produced and maintained using 3-D printing.

Near Term Moon Bases and Operations  Next Big Future

What will the moon be used for and how big could moon bases be? The main things that I can see as near-term uses for the moon are. 1. Source of water for ...

Home sweet home: a 3D printed moon base  Cosmos

The first lunar houses are likely to be made on site.

Henk Rogers converts Mars habitat to moon base  Pacific Business News (Honolulu)

Rogers, who is famous for buying the rights to the video game Tetris and making the game an international hit, reopened the Mars habitat, which he built in 2013 ...

Russia to deploy CYBORG ARMY to build futuristic Kremlin base on the MOON

RUSSIA has announced plans to send robots to the moon to carry out the bulk of the work on the country's proposed lunar base.

Russia to build Moon colony by 2040: NASA says hold my beer  The Next Web

Russia's federal space agency intends to establish a lunar colony by the year 2040. NASA, meanwhile, announced today that it'd have a continuous human ...

NASA invites Stephen Curry to look at moon rocks after he questioned the moon landing  Yahoo Finance

Steph Curry questioned the moon landing, and NASA wants to change his mind with a tour of their facility and a first-hand look at some moon rocks. How could ...

NASA Video Sheds Light on Its Plans to Establish a Lunar Outpost  Inverse

NASA published a marketing video on November 16 to hype up its plans to get started on constructing an orbiting and stationary lunar outpost. The [National ...

Nasa video says it is going back to the Moon – and staying there  The Independent

Nasa says it is going back to the Moon – and this time it's going to stay there. As well as setting up base there, Nasa hopes to use the Moon as a way to launch ...

How the Moon’s ice craters will power a human colony  Big Think

Astronauts will be able to harvest the Moon's natural resources to sustain human life.

The Moon's Far Side and China's Space Strategy  The Diplomat

By 2019, China will become the first nation on earth to have sent a Lunar probe to the far side (sometimes called the dark side) of the moon. On December 8 ...

Alien news: ’BASE’ found on moon speaks theories of ‘alien OBSERVATORY’ | Daily Star  Daily Star

AN EAGLE-EYED theorist claims to have found an “alien base” inside one of the moon's craters.

A Lunar Base is Better than the Lunar Gateway  Next Big Future

There was a paper by Craig Davidson (presented by Zubrin) on why a lunar base is better than the proposed Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) to ...

Hawaii’s Mars Simulations Are Turning Into Moon Missions  The Atlantic

The dome where crew members practiced red-planet missions will now be converted to a simulated moon base.

Draft Program Reveals Russia to Start Operating Full-Scale Lunar Base From 2036  Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia is planning to deploy and to start operating a full-scale base on the surface of the Moon between 2036 and 2040, according to a ...

NASA's Mars simulator in Hawaii will convert to a mock moonbase after agency suspends the program  Daily Mail

The Mars simulation dome will house a new mission to model life on the moon's surface, with test simulations expected to begin as soon as next week and ...

The colonization of space  The Week Magazine

Humanity is inching closer to establishing colonies on other worlds. Is it really feasible? Here's everything you need to know: What's the timeline? The best ...

China launching lunar spacecraft to test growing plants on the dark side of the Moon  Boing Boing

Later this week, China plans to launch its Chang'e-4 spacecraft to the far side of the lunar surface. The aim is to land a rover on the dark side of the moon for the ...

Nasa announces plans to set up an orbiting base around the moon with spine-tingling video  Yahoo News

Nasa has big plans to set up a base on the moon... and then go beyond.

CPS's gifted 2nd-graders learn about robotics  Daily Tribune News

Cartersville High robotics team member Logan Warren, second from left, helps Cartersville Primary second-graders, from left, Will Galland, Kymburlyn Payne, ...

Mankind needs Ted Cruz to step up for NASA [Editorial]  Houston Chronicle

Election losses of two reliable NASA advocates emphasizes role Ted Cruz must play.

Russia plans to place positioning satellites around the Moon  GPS World magazine

The Orientale Basin in a 4K NASA video of the lunar surface using observations from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. (Photo: NASA). Russian positioning ...

Moon exploration is back in fashion as nations vie in space race

As China's Chang'-4 mission is about to head off to the far side of the Moon, Nature looks at the history and future of lunar missions.

US Airman saw 'top-secret alien STRUCTURE on Moon’ during NASA project

A US Airman claims he was left terrified after viewing a photograph of the dark side of the Moon which exposed alien-built structures.

App to the moon  Phys.Org

It is magnificently quiet at the rim of the lunar crater. Nearly 400 000 km away from Earth, the silence and vastness of the unknown terrain can be overwhelming.

Our moon is the hottest property in the solar system right now  Engadget

The space race is heating up again in ways we haven't seen since the end of the Cold War. We haven't been to the moon since 1972 but a number of private ...

Mars Habitat Turning Into Moon Missions  Big Island Now

For nearly a half-decade, a small dome atop Mauna Loa was the home to "colonists" who lived and worked in a Mars-like environment.

Students in Longmont draft lofty plans for humans' future on moon  Boulder Daily Camera

Tucked away in a room in Longmont, among computers and craft supplies, a group of kids were letting cardboard and hot glue fly Saturday morning while ...

An Assessment of the Conditions Needed for 3D Printing A Village on the Moon

For a few years now, the European Space Agency (ESA) has been talking seriously about building a habitable village on the moon, and 3D printing is a big part ...

Russia Wants to Extend U.S. Space Partnership. Or It Could Turn to China.  The New York Times

Moscow argues that it has much to offer, but analysts say it is short of cash. In any event, Washington is already planning an American-led lunar station.

50 years since we landed on the moon: Why has it been so hard to return?  2GB

Almost 50 years since we first landed on the moon, NASA has made a major announcement, saying it's making a return. It also reveals a bold plan to establish a ...

Russia claims it was a hoax, fuels moon-landing conspiracy theories  Communities Digital News

WASHINGTON: According to the Pew Research Center, 7 percent of Americans say Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin never landed ...

‘First Man’ Sound Editors Capture Neil Armstrong’s Journey To The Moon With Authentic, Evocative Palette  Deadline

'First Man' sound editors Ai-Ling Lee and Mildred Iatrou Morgan discuss the project that took them to space with Damien Chazelle.

Russian Space Agency Chief Wants to 'Check' If Americans Walked on the Moon  Sputnik International

While it is widely believed that the 1969 Apollo 11 mission did successfully deliver the first people to the Moon, many still claim that the famous moon landing ...

Russia to construct moon base manned by ROBOTS as battle for house management heats up  Infosurhoy

MOON WITH A VIEW: Russian President Vladimir Putin with space boss Dmitry Rogozin (Pic: GETTY). Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, has revealed the ...

A 13-year-old investigates an attempted murder in space

"Waste of Space" is the third book in Stuart Gibbs' Moon Base Alpha series.

NASA Sets New Roadmap for Moon Base, Crewed Missions to Mars  ExtremeTech

Manned space missions have been confined to low-Earth orbit for decades, but NASA is looking to change that. ...

Russian Cosmonauts To Check Whether Americans Really Did Go To The Moon  Social News Daily

Russia's space department is opening old wounds from the Cold War's space race after promising to check whether American astronauts have actually been on ...

Alien news: 'Secret base' spotted on MOON sparks frenzy | Daily Star  Daily Star

A YOUTUBE conspirator believes he has found proof of a “secret space programme” being conducted on the moon.

How to build a Moon base

Researchers are ramping up plans for living on the Moon.

Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer & VR modes get release dates  Shacknews

The final update to Prey goes live soon and another VR experience will be released in 2019.

Russia's Plan To Colonize The Moon Now Extends To 2040  Caspian News

Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin announced Wednesday that the Russian space agency will, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, develop a lunar.

Scientists Are 3D Printing Fake Moon Dust Into Useful Objects  Futurism

European Space Agency scientists are exploring ways to 3D print objects using artificial lunar soil. And the possibilities could be endless.

Researchers exploring lighting lunar nights - News  UQ News

Two University of Queensland students are exploring whether solar power could provide around the clock electricity and thermal energy for a moon base or ...

PTScientists Executes a Historic First  PR Web

Berlin, Germany (PRWEB) December 11, 2018 -- PTScientists, a German private space company aiming to be the first private mission to land on the Moon, and ...

Rocket Report: Firefly to the Moon, SpaceX makes a splash, H3 nets a customer  Ars Technica

Welcome to Edition 1.28 of the Rocket Report! Lots of news this week, and much of it good, with Stratolaunch reaching an important test, Firefly winning a sweet ...

China built a $50 million space base in Argentina to reach the dark side of the moon, but it's casting a shadow on its neighbors  VICE

LAS LAJAS, Neuquen Province, Argentina — In the middle of the Patagonian desert, more than 40 miles from the nearest town, sits a $50 million space base the ...

Scouting out the moon base  Politico

Reusable vs. expendable — Trump out to sack Air Force Secreatry?

Moon Dust May Be Key to Building a Moon Base Quickly  Geek

There's this idea in space travel that if you can avoid carrying something with you, you absolutely should. Until we invent teleporters or space elevators or ...

Houston Chronicle photos capture Houston's top moments of 2018  Houston Chronicle

A year when life in Houston mostly got back to normal — beautiful, infuriating, funny, heartbreaking normal. By Lisa Gray. There are years that define Houston.

VP Pence talks permanent moon base and Mars mission at NASA  CNET

The vice president went to Houston to talk up the Trump administration's plans to retrace the footsteps of Apollo.

Op-ed | Moon Direct: How to build a moonbase in four years  SpaceNews

This op-ed originally appeared in the March 26, 2018 issue of SpaceNews magazine. The recent amazing success of the Falcon Heavy launch offers America ...

Moon bases being planned now may show us how to live off-planet

Moon bases have long been a staple of science fiction, but a renewed push for lunar exploration suggests they're on the brink of becoming science fact. Half a ...

Europe’s space agency plans to build its own “low-gravity” moon base — on Earth  Digital Trends

The European Space Agency is developing an astronaut center in Cologne, Germany, where it will replicate the surface of the moon. Dubbed Luna, the facility ...

Australian Space Agency will be based in Lot 14, the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site, as City Deal announced  The Advertiser

Australia's space mission control centre will be right here in Adelaide, at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site. The Advertiser can reveal South Australia has ...

Chinese volunteers emerge from virtual moon base

A group of Chinese volunteers has emerged from 110 days of isolation in a virtual "lunar lab", state media reported Tuesday, as the country pursues its ambition ...

NASA reveals plans for PERMANENT moon base as agency declares ‘we want lots of humans in space’  The Sun

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has revealed hopes for a permanent base on the moon. At a meeting at the Johnson Space Center in Houston this week, ...

Moon base ambitions a perfect platform for Australian industry, CSIRO says  ABC News

The CSIRO says Australian industry needs to step up and get involved in NASA's plans for human bases on the Moon.

Russia Is Going to Build a Moon Base Manned by Avatar Robots: Report  Newsweek

The Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced ambitious plans to establish a long-term base on the moon.

Shoot the Moon  Powder Magazine

This account of the historic first descent is available in full, with additional images, in the 2019 Photo Annual now on newsstands. Photography by Nick Kalisz ...

How Do You Build on the Moon? Start with Lunar Dust

Researchers are analyzing volcanic powder from Earth to learn how to build with moon dust.

Elon tweets that moonbase will be created in 2025  Next Big Future

Elon Musk has tweeted that a moonbase will be created in 2025. A SpaceX BFR with a refueling in orbit would be able to take about 100 tons to the moon.

Forget about sending humans to Mars -- we need a permanent moon base instead  Fox News

NASA's successful launch Saturday of the InSight lander on an exploratory mission to Mars – costing taxpayers about $814 million – is just the latest example of ...

North Korea Expands Long-Range Missile Base, Analysts Say  The Wall Street Journal

North Korea is expanding military facilities thought to house long-range missiles that can hit the U.S., according to a think-tank report that revives doubts about ...

NASA breakthrough: Hopes for MOON BASE grow as agency vow to 'EXPLOIT' water discovery

The space agency recently confirmed an abundance of water on the Moon situated in hundreds of patches of ice deposited in the north and south poles.

CSIRO wants help building human Moon base  Australian Defence Magazine

The latest industry roadmap published by CSIRO encourages the growing domestic space sector to join with international partners to adopt a bold challenge ...

Name Change Alert! SpaceX’s BFR is Now Just Called “Starship”  Universe Today

In September of 2016, Musk treated the world to an early sneak-peak at his proposed super-heavy launch vehicle. Previously known as the Mars Colonial ...

Russia planning moon base manned by robots  Euronews English

Russia's space agency says it is considering establishing a base on the moon, possibly manned by robot avatars.

Daily briefing: The five unmissable science books of 2018

Five reads to make you smarter. Plus: why a postdoc might not be the right career move and the hunt for a mysterious polio-like disease in the US.

10 wonders of the solar system  Mother Nature Network

Our solar system is big. Way big. In fact, if Earth were the size of a marble, the solar system out to Neptune would cover an area the size of San Francisco.

Bezos will work with NASA, ESA to create moon base  Next Big Future

Jeff Bezos says his Blue Origin space venture will work with NASA as well as the European Space Agency to create a settlement on the moon.

Moon base for China in the new space race  The Times

China plans to operate a science research centre on the moon as part of its ambitious space programme.The National Space Administration said that the outpost ...

‘Moonbase 8’: A24 Launches First Image From Fred Armisen Comedy  Deadline

The first image from A24's comedy series Moonbase 8 has been released and it is delightfully regal and awkward with NASA prestige. Exclusively announced in ...

Russian Cosmonauts Expected to Land on Moon After 2030  Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian cosmonauts will carry out a 14-day lunar landing mission after 2030, according to a presentation made by Russia's general ...

‘Moonbase 8’ First Look: A24 Comedy Turns Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, and John C. Reilly Into Bumbling Astronauts  IndieWire

The indie studio behind "Moonlight" and "Lady Bird" is behind the first season of this six-episode comedy series.

Technology Pennsylvania CU showcases industry's first humanoid robot

The light-speed advancements of technology can give us glimpses of what the future may hold for the credit union industry. What may become part of that future ...

Maybe NASA's Next Space Station Doesn't Need the Astronauts  Popular Mechanics

People are criticizing NASA's plan to build the Lunar Gateway, a new space station that orbits the Moon. Maybe there's a way to fix the idea — by leaving the ...

Former Air Force sergeant who said he saw alien moon base dies after tractor trailer hit his bike  Daily Mail

Karl R. Wolfe was killed in the crash on October 10 in Lansing, New York, after he was struck from behind by a tractor trailer traveling southbound on North ...

Scientists find ice on moon, raising possibility for lunar base  Al Jazeera English

Using NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper, researchers determined ice is present in craters on the poles.

Elon Musk & Moon Base Alpha: What Is Moon Base Alpha?

Elon Musk mentioned Moonbase Alpha as his inspiration during an announcement about the first man to travel on the BFR to the moon. Learn about it here.

Here's What 'Artemis' Author Andy Weir Thinks of NASA's Moon Plan

Andy Weir's "Artemis" (Broadway Books, 2018) is launching in bookstores today (July 3). Here's what Weir thinks of NASA's new plan to send astronauts to the ...

Russia Mulls Creating Long-Term Moon Base - Roscosmos  Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia plans to create a long-term man-visited base on the Earth's natural satellite and study the moon with the help of robot avatars as ...

China's Moon Missions Could Threaten US Satellites: Pentagon  Defense One

A satellite on the far side of the moon might not be quite what the Chinese say, Air Force official warns. China's lunar probes may one day threaten critical U.S. ...

Building Bricks on the Moon From Lunar Dust  Universe Today

In the coming decades, many space agencies hope to conduct crewed missions to the Moon and even establish outposts there. In fact, between NASA, the ...

The Mars Society's Robert Zubrin Has a 'Moon Direct' Plan to Drive a Lunar Economy

A new 'Moon Direct' plan created by Mars Society's Robert Zubrin could send astronauts to the moon faster and cheaper than current NASA strategies can.

NASA news: Russia announces MOON BASE at it slams US space agency | Daily Star  Daily Star

RUSSIA is building a Moon transport base in what marks a massive space infrastructure drive.

Why NASA's manned Mars missions start with the moon  CNET

In a cavernous room at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA engineers are assembling a spaceship that in the next few years will transport humans back ...

The President Of The Mars Society Says NASA Is Screwing Up Our Best Chance For A Moon Base  Outer Places

NASA is no stranger to amateur science enthusiasts criticizing their work, but Robert Zubrin, the President of the Mars Society, has taken a step furt...

NASA wants to build a moon base to make rocket fuel for trip to Mars  Daily Mail

Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) missions aim to establish a 'sustainable presence' on the moon, paving the way for science and technology ...

A Global PLAN?: China's Navy Could Have 10 Aircraft Carriers (And More)  The National Interest Online

In his reaction to the December 6 Chinese Global Times article quoting experts saying China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) may require five or six ...

3 Reasons Why We Might Return to The Moon  Futurism

In the coming years, we may see manned missions to the moon. Science, politics, and celestial cash grabs are at the forefront of why people want to go back.

Winterlong Brewing Announces Seasonal Releases for December  Canadian Beer News

WHITEHORSE, YK – Winterlong Brewing has announced details of a trio of new and returning beers that will be available this month. Out today in 650 ml bottles ...

Chinese volunteers spend 200 days on virtual 'moon base'

Chinese students spent 200 continuous days in a "lunar lab" in Beijing, state media said Friday, as the country prepares for its long-term goal of putting people ...

China Planning Probes, Manned Missions, Ultimately a Base on Moon - Space Chief  Sputnik International

China's lunar program is setting ambitious goals, including exploring both lunar poles by 2030 and, further in the future, sending manned missions to the moon ...

Twilight: 20 Wild Details Behind The Making Of New Moon  Screen Rant

New Moon, the second installment in the Twilight Saga, was when the series really started to find its groove. It took a lot of work behind the scenes.

ESA reveals plan to build moon base on Earth using simulated lunar soil at a facility in Germany  Daily Mail

A new facility in the works at ESA's Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany will soon serve as a three-part moon analogue environment on Earth, the agency ...

How NASA plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the Moon  The Verge

NASA's new focus has been made clear: the space agency is sending humans back to the Moon — this time, in a sustainable way. At least, that's the claim made ...

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