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Russia and China team up to build a moon base  The Guardian
Russia, China reveal moon base roadmap but no plans for astronaut trips yet
Biden Just Gave NASA the Green Light for a Cool New Moon Base  The Daily Beast
Russia, China hope to secure partners for moon base project  SpaceNews
China and Russia Announce their Future Plans for the Moon, Including a Human Base  Universe Today
Biden revives new NASA moon base | TheHill  The Hill
China and Russia team up for moon base  The Times
UT San Antonio moon rock researchers seeking 'the ideal recipe' to build lunar bases  San Antonio Express-News
It’s been 40 years since man stepped on the moon and now there’s a new space race  WTRF
China plans to send its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033 and build a base there  CNBC
Roscosmos: Private firms’ participation in Russian-Chinese moon base project not ruled out  TASS
Blog Post To The Moon! What Challenges Does NASA's 2024 Lunar Mission Face?  Government Accountability Office
A full strawberry supermoon rises on Thursday  Chron
'Life Beyond Earth' Shows How a Colony on the Moon Could Work  Gizmodo
Can China, Russia moon base project bring nations closer to collaborate?
NASA Selects University Teams to Design Artemis Mission Design Ideas  NASA
Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon Base Expansion: Complete Review  Bleeding Cool News
China and Russia will be building a moon base together  EarthSky
China announces plans to build a base on Mars starting in 2033  ROOM Space Journal
Is the Pokémon TCG Reprinting Sun & Moon Base Set?  Bleeding Cool News
Destination Moon: is it time for us to send astronauts back?  The Conversation US
Bear storms Japanese military base and airport, injuring 4 people  Anchorage Daily News
Can a Moon Base Be Safe for Astronauts?  Scientific American
NASA's Artemis Base Camp on the Moon Will Need Light, Water, Elevation
Lockheed, General Motors Will Collaborate to Develop Next-gen Lunar Vehicle  ThomasNet News
Moon's Snyder comes up big, helping Pennsylvania come out on top in Football Classic  The Times
Lava tubes in Hawaii are helping astronauts prepare to live on Mars  Popular Science
‘Killing Floor 2’ goes to the moon in Interstellar Insanity event  NME
8 Ohio Stops from Here to the Moon and Back  Leisure Group Travel
China, Russia open moon base project to international partners, early details emerge  SpaceNews
Collins, Aldrin and Armstrong: Men on the Moon  Florida Today
How to build a Moon base  BBC Focus Magazine
Water on the Moon could sustain a lunar base  BBC News
China and Russia say they will join forces to build moon base
Has the Biden administration abandoned the idea of a moon base? | TheHill  The Hill
China's Space Station Is Now Manned As Concerns About Chinese Space Ambitions Grow  The Drive
Dirty clothes get trashed in space. NASA and Tide are working on a detergent to stop that  USA TODAY
Must-see travel: This camp is the ultimate base to chase the Northern Lights in Alaska  Houston Chronicle
Space Force set to defend cislunar space, counter China and Russia's joint effort  Washington Times
Introducing Moonjumper Alpha, a font inspired by … the Cow Palace?  San Francisco Chronicle
Looking Back At The Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Part 13  Bleeding Cool News
NASA’s Artemis Base Camp on the Moon Will Need Light, Water and Elevation  SciTechDaily
Nasa’s unveils new plans for Moon base to be the ‘gateway to the rest of the solar system’  The Independent
Answer Man: Longest homer at McCormick Field? Did it reach Memorial Stadium?  Citizen Times
NASA's Artemis Missions to Set Up Base Camp on the Moon  KQED
Nasa awards SpaceX contracts to build backbone of Earth’s first moon base  The Independent
'Moonbase 8' Review: Not Enough Fuel For Liftoff  NPR
NASA wants to build a lunar base by 2030. Could 3D printing with moon dust be the answer?  CNN
China is planning a moon research base that may reshape the space race  CGTN
NASA and Europe Officially Sign Deal to Build Orbital Moon Base  Futurism
NASA Picks SpaceX to Land Next Americans on Moon  NASA
This is why China and Russia want to build a base on the Moon  The Next Web
How easy will it be to build a Moon base?  BBC News
NASA Should Update Astronaut Radiation Exposure Limits, Improve Communication of Cancer Risks  The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Russia, China to sign agreement on international lunar research station  SpaceNews
The Strategic Implications of the China-Russia Lunar Base Cooperation Agreement  The Diplomat
‘Moonbase 8’ Is One of the Best Space Shows in a Year Full of Them  The Ringer
‘Secrets Of Sulphur Springs’: Diandra Lyle Upped To Series Regular For Season 2 Of Disney Channel Series  Deadline
Kilometre-high concrete towers on the moon could power a lunar base  New Scientist
'Lunar ark' moon base proposed to protect 6.7 million Earth species
'Killing Floor 2: Interstellar Insanity' Free Summer 2021 Update Live Today  GLYFE Nation
Nelson asks Senate appropriators for more HLS funding  SpaceNews
Gran “over the moon” that Bayliss has chosen to play for Scots  Talking Rugby Union
Samsung turns South Korea garrison city into chipmaking boom town  Nikkei Asia
Three Steps to a Moon Base  IEEE Spectrum
Harvard Scientists Propose Super-Tall Towers to Power Moon Base  Futurism
Business San Antonio firm is working on moon launch pads for NASA By Brandon Lingle  San Antonio Express-News
Strong cast aside, ‘Moonbase 8’ is only a small step for comedy  The Boston Globe
Lunar water discovery may have limited effect on NASA exploration plans  SpaceNews
NASA unveils plan for Artemis 'base camp' on the moon beyond 2024
NASA’s Apollo moon program wasn’t sustainable, but with commercial space, Artemis can be  WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando
China and Russia to build Moon base together – and US astronauts may be barred from visiting...  The Sun
Space War, Like the Cold War, Is All Risk, No Reward  Air Force Magazine
High radiation on moon means lunar bases should be buried for safety  Business Insider
China planning moon base after successful lunar rock recovery
JAXA Experiments With Unmanned Moonbase Construction  Aviation Week
Living on the Moon: NASA’s Artemis Base Camp Concept  SciTechDaily
European startup builds oxygen-making machine for 2025 moon mission
Chinese official unveils future moon mission plans including possible lunar base | TheHill  The Hill
Will increasing traffic to the Moon contaminate its precious ice?
Showtime Mission to Moonbase 8 Lands in November  Vulture
Elon Musk thinks NASA's goal of landing people on the moon by 2024 is 'actually doable'  CNBC
How humanity will return to the Moon: The future of lunar exploration  BBC Science Focus Magazine
Astronaut-led video tour reveals details in 'For All Mankind' moon base
China Lands Chang’e-5 Spacecraft on Moon to Gather Lunar Rocks and Soil  The New York Times
Lunar Lander Contractor Astrobotic Opens Massive HQ in Pittsburgh  Gizmodo
NASA releases Artemis mission plans to return astronauts to the moon  Business Insider
NASA Looks to Advance Large-Scale 3D Printing for the Moon and Mars  NASA
EDITORIAL | Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, and Moon Base is also on Horizon  JAPAN Forward
China Plans to Build a Moon Base Near the Lunar South Pole
Blue moon: Will Jeff Bezos' lunar lander return astronauts to the Moo  Astronomy Magazine
Elon Musk says a base on the moon and a city on Mars is the next ‘logical step’ for humanity  The Independent
Building a moon base is a huge task – here are the tiny satellites that will pave the way  The Conversation UK
China is aiming to attract partners for an international lunar research station  SpaceNews
Project Olympus: ICON Chosen by NASA to Develop Moon Base 3D Printing Tech
Top Russian space official dismisses NASA's moon plans, considering a lunar base with China instead  CNBC
Moon bases could feature mile-high skyscrapers  Chron
Russia Could Design New Moon Base On The Model Of International Space Station  EurAsian Times
China’s Ambitious Plans in Space: The Moon, Mars and Beyond  The New York Times
Why NASA wants to put a nuclear power plant on the moon  CNBC
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