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U.S. Air Force cadets study idea of Space Force bases on the Moon  Science Magazine
'The Relentless Moon' imagines a lunar base with Apollo-era technology
Top Russian space official dismisses NASA's moon plans, considering a lunar base with China instead  CNBC
Mars and the Moon have lava tubes so big they could host astronaut bases, scientists say  The Independent
NASA eyes closed-cabin rover ‘like an RV for the moon’ in first step toward long-term lunar presence  SYFY WIRE
Moonbase 2030  BBC Focus Magazine
Alien structure on Moon: UFO hunters spot 'alien base' on lunar surface  Daily Express
US reveals plan for nuclear power plant on the MOON that could power lunar Space Force base  The Sun
Energy harvesting for a Moon base  eeNews Europe
A Prototype Starship Hops a Little Closer to the Moon  Air & Space Magazine
Russia and China likely to build joint Moon base - Roscosmos chief  TASS
Students over the moon with success of virtual lunar base project  University of Strathclyde
Moon Day celebrates when man first landed on the Moon and how 51 years later everyone wants a piece of it  Business Insider India
Innovative Spacecraft May Enable New-Age Lunar Landings  Assembly Magazine
'For All Mankind' enters the shuttle era in first look at Apple TV+ series' season two
Miners on the Moon |  Air & Space Magazine
Alien base discovered on Saturn's third-largest moon Iapetus - claim  Daily Express
EDITORIAL: America answers a new challenge in space
Relativity Space From NASA Plans To 3D Print Moon Bases  TechTheLead
Mars and the Moon Will Align in the Sky Tonight. Here's When & How to See Them.  Thrillist
Here's a Photo of Saturn Peeking Out from Behind the Moon  PetaPixel
That Spelunker Came From the Moon, Spelunky 2 Release Date is September 15  PlayStation LifeStyle
US Ramps Up Planning for Space Nuclear Technology  FYI: Science Policy News
Astronaut-led video tour reveals details in 'For All Mankind' moon base
Astronaut-led video tour reveals details in 'For All Mankind' moon base
NASA unveils plan for Artemis 'base camp' on the moon beyond 2024
Our Opinion: Dancing with stars | Editorials |  Greensboro News & Record
Beyond Mars, Other Places in Our Solar System We Could Colonize  Interesting Engineering
SpaceX Breakthrough as Mars 'Starship' Prototype Rocket Aces Successful Test Flight  ScienceAlert
Building a Moon Base Using Astronaut Waste in Lunar Concrete  SciTechDaily
Astronaut urine could be a vital ingredient for moon base construction  Professional Engineering
Top GOP senator predicts moon goal faces funding challenges  Politico
What Apollo 18 Can Teach Us About COVID-19  Discover Magazine
Moon bases could be built using astronaut urine  CNN
Astronauts Could Use Their Own Pee to Build a Moon Base
Author Q&A: Mary Robinette Kowal on her Lady Astronaut novels  Physics Today
China is moving ahead with lunar south pole and near-Earth asteroid missions  SpaceNews
Astronauts back on Earth after 'extraordinary' Dragon test flight  Spaceflight Now
New bill could kill NASA's Moon base plans  The Next Web
Ex-UN chief calls on America to show global leadership, says WHO withdrawal 'morally wrong'  CNBC
Relicta review - Gravity daze  PC Invasion
NASA's Plan to Build a Base Camp on the Moon Sounds Like Sci-Fi, But It's Real  Singularity Hub
To build a moon base, NASA first has to solve a “big” computer problem  Inverse
25-mile long UFO seen on the Moon is 'undeniable proof' claim alien hunters  Daily Express
How to build a moon base  The Conversation UK
August's full moon rises Sunday night  WBAY
Building a moon base is a huge task, but these tiny satellites will pave the way  Phys.Org
Building a moon base is a huge task – here are the tiny satellites that will pave the way  The Conversation UK
NASA details plans for putting base on moon  Fox News
Nuclear fission identified as best way to power a Moon base  E&T Magazine
Photographer Who Captured Moon Photobombing Saturn Explains How He Did It  Interesting Engineering
New Details About the Artemis Moon Lander and Moon Base
Living large in small spaces  Washington Blade
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is Carrying First Spacesuit Materials to Mars – Here’s Why  SciTechDaily
NASA warns Moon base plans might slip by a year  Engadget
How easy will it be to build a Moon base?  BBC News
Roscosmos will not cooperate with NASA on lunar program  vestnik kavkaza
Defending champion Snappers come back to beat Mudcats in Game 1 of DNL Finals | Trib HSSN  TribLIVE
Cut Pentagon's $740 Billion Budget by 10% and Invest in Public Health
What Would a 21st Century Moon Base Look Like?  Popular Mechanics
Jeff Bezos Sells $3 Billion In Amazon Stock, Still Owns 54 Million Shares  International Business Times
NASA Wants to Grow a Moon Base Out of Mushrooms  Futurism
Scientists turn moon dust into construction material for a lunar base  Daily Mail
SpaceX Starship: Elon Musk details tweaks to support moon base missions  Inverse
Nuking the site from orbit: when the Air Force wanted a base on the Moon  The Space Review
At least 8 soldiers dead in blast outside Somali army base  American Press
Making Air From Moon Dust: Scientists Create a Prototype Lunar Oxygen Plant  Discover Magazine
August 2020: Your Monthly Horoscope  Coveteur
It's time for us to go back to the moon — and stay there  CNN
NASA photos of 'alien' anomaly on the Moon stagger UFO expert - 'Looks to be a temple'  Daily Express
Moon 'shrooms? Fungi eyed to help build lunar bases and Mars outposts
Are China's moon missions a threat to the US? Space experts don't think so
Isaac Asimov: 'How We'll Live on the Moon'  Popular Mechanics
Newt Gingrich Pushing $2 Billion Moon-Base Race: Report
Here's what we need to build our first moon base  The Next Web
Why Mars Base Tech Should Be Tested on the Moon First
'History on trial': Why Japan's wartime labor dispute is more than another tit-for-tat with South Korea  The Japan Times
Human Urine Could Help Astronauts Build Moon Bases Someday  Discover Magazine
Astronaut urine to build moon bases  EurekAlert
Umbrella Academy Season 2: Parental Characters Ranked Bad to Worst
A moon base could be built using settlers’ urine  Waco Tribune-Herald
8/8/2020 News & Commentary - Korea  smallwarsjournal
Can Robots Build a Moon Base for Astronauts? Japan Hopes to Find Out.
Elon Musk Says There's a Potentially Major Flaw in SpaceX's Moon Base Plans  ScienceAlert
The U.S. Space Program Is Back, but It Can’t Go It Alone  World Politics Review
Russia announces plans for Moon base Read more / Skip | eTurboNews | Travel News
Chandrayaan 2 Pragyan rover not damaged; New NASA images shows rover separated from lander after crash landing  Times Now
China Plans to Build a Moon Base Near the Lunar South Pole
NASA awards Pittsburgh startup Astrobotic with $200 million to send water-hunting rover to the moon  CNBC
New GOP candidate for Congress in Kansas proposes moon base  Associated Press
Three Steps to a Moon Base  IEEE Spectrum
Northrop Grumman snags $187 million to design NASA's lunar Gateway habitat for astronauts
China plans to build a moon base  Washington Post
'Ivan' brings Lakeland to the movies again  The Ledger
The first footprints on Mars could belong to this geologist
Alien base discovered on the Moon in shock NASA images - claim
Balancing narrative and gameplay in physics-puzzler Relicta  PlayStation.Blog
Will Future Lunar Bases Be Underground?  Scientific American
NASA and US Space Force Are Considering Fusion Energy to Power Our Moon and Mars Bases and Ships That Will Take US Into Space  GlobeNewswire
New moon bases could be built using astronaut urine  Tulsa World
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