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New bill could kill NASA's Moon base plans  The Next Web
To Drive on the Moon, We'll Need Tough-as-Hell Tires  Popular Mechanics
Bipartisan House bill spurns 2024 moon landing goal, favoring focus on Mars  Spaceflight Now
Sci-fi author Andy Weir says NASA didn't name 'Artemis' moon program after his book
Trump goes all in for NASA's Artemis return to the moon program | TheHill  The Hill
The Village on the Moon Starts Here  OZY
NASA’s Moon to Mars program faces some huge changes  SlashGear
Global Superpowers Are Teaming Up To Build Bases On The Moon
The real reason SpaceX hired former top NASA official | TheHill  The Hill
European scientists are taking a mock moon mission in Hawaii right now
The Mexican startup that wants to turn Mars into Times Square  AL DIA News
Sahara Moon Is On the Rise  The SandPaper
How to build a moon base  Fast Company
What Would a 21st Century Moon Base Look Like?  Popular Mechanics
Here's what we need to build our first moon base  The Next Web
China releases more stunning images of the dark side of the moon  ZME Science
You can now buy Destiny 2 expansions, ‘Upgrade Edition’ for Stadia Base  9to5Google
Space Force Uniforms are Perfectly Camouflaged for a Forest Moon  Universe Today
Secret NASA plans for Moon base and 37 rocket launches revealed  Fox News
WHITTINGTON: House NASA Bill Cancelling Lunar Base Makes No Sense – Even To Go To Mars  The Daily Caller
Pearl Jam Releases 'Superblood Wolfmoon' Video  JamBase
NASA's $30 billion Artemis missions will attempt to set up a moon base - Business Insider  INSIDER
Building a moon base is a huge task, but these tiny satellites will pave the way  Phys.Org
How easy will it be to build a Moon base?  BBC News
NASA picks Rocket Lab to launch lunar CubeSat mission  Spaceflight Now
China Plans to Build a Base near the Moon's South Pole  Live Science
Three Steps to a Moon Base  IEEE Spectrum
Newt Gingrich Pushing $2 Billion Moon-Base Race: Report
NASA Wants to Grow a Moon Base Out of Mushrooms  Futurism
AFRL, NASA, industry achieve successful liquid methane engine test  Robins Rev Up
Moon 'shrooms? Fungi eyed to help build lunar bases and Mars outposts
TIFs haven't helped Gardiner taxpayers  Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
Elon Musk Says There's a Potentially Major Flaw in SpaceX's Moon Base Plans  ScienceAlert
50 Years After Apollo 11: Where's Our Moon City?  CityLab
Pearl Jam Shares 'Superblood Wolfmoon' Single  JamBase
Kim Stanley Robinson Built a Moon Base in His Mind  IEEE Spectrum
Building a moon base is a huge task – here are the tiny satellites that will pave the way  The Conversation - UK
Space Agency touches down at Adelaide home base  Mirage News
Can Robots Build a Moon Base for Astronauts? Japan Hopes to Find Out.
NASA's 10-year plan includes visit to Saturn's moon, 4 new telescopes - Business Insider  Business Insider
China plans to build a moon base  Washington Post
Moon Village: Humanity's first step toward a lunar colony?  Astronomy Magazine
The Broomstick Hoax and the Truth About Galileo  National Catholic Register
'Alien Moon Base' Found In Vatican Lunar Photo, Expert Claims  International Business Times
Observations from the Ole Miss series win over No. 1 Louisville  Oxford Eagle
How Do We Colonize the Moon?  Universe Today
Why Mars Base Tech Should Be Tested on the Moon First
Musk Reads: Starship accelerates toward human spaceflight  Inverse
China pledges to have first moon base within a decade  New York Post
Nuking the site from orbit: when the Air Force wanted a base on the Moon  The Space Review
NASA Apollo 17 Astronaut Reveals Important Factor For Moon Base To Succeed  International Business Times
How nine days underwater helps scientists understand what life on a Moon base will be like  PBS NewsHour
Douglas MacKinnon: US needs a permanent moon base – So forget about going to Mars for now  Fox News
Why 3D printing could be key to a Moon base  BBC News
Why the International Lunar Decade still makes sense  The Space Review
Can NASA really return people to the Moon by 2024?
Iana and Oryx officially unveiled for Rainbow Six Siege  PCGamesN
Pluto discovered 90 years ago: Is it a planet or not?  Auburn Citizen
Intense work being done on rocket to set up moon base: NASA  Global News
Everyone’s going back to the moon. But why?  The Guardian
Lunar Base and Gateway Part of Sustainable Long-Term Human Exploration Plan
Secret Nasa plans for lunar base and 37 rocket launches to the Moon revealed by leak online  The Sun
[Editorial] Necessary step  The Korea Herald
North Korea slams Japan for U.S. drills  UPI News
Ed Dwight Was Going to Be the First African American in Space. Until He Wasn't
Leading SA: Port San Antonio has goals that could take the Alamo City out of this world  KSAT San Antonio
SpaceX wants to land Starship on the Moon before 2022, then do cargo runs for 2024 human landing  TechCrunch
Space Force: What will the new military branch actually do?
UFO sighting: Conspiracy theorist reveals 'alien Moon bases NASA tries to hide from public
Russia announces plans for Moon base | eTurboNews | Travel News
Caterpillar's autonomous vehicles may be used by NASA to mine the moon and build a lunar base  CNBC
The Great Moon Rush  IEEE Spectrum
Rooftop Arts Collective expands to Somerville  Wicked Local Somerville
UFO Moon base: Did NASA satellite spot alien UFO Tycho Crater Moon base?
The Forgotten Plans to Reach the Moon—Before Apollo  Air & Space Magazine
The Race to Develop the Moon  The New Yorker
Walk the Red Carpet With Elle Fanning in Miu Miu's New Video Game  Papermag
Japanese Company ispace Now Targeting 2021 Moon Landing for 1st Mission
Russia is Planning to 3D Print a Moon Base  Futurism
Blue Origin Opens Huntsville Engine Factory (with fact sheet)  Space Ref
A Second Failed Moon Landing  The Atlantic
Newt Gingrich trying to sell Trump on a cheap moon plan  POLITICO
Moon bases being planned now may show us how to live off-planet
Elon Musk likes Newt Gingrich’s $2 billion moon base prize  Digital Trends
Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview: Cavan Biggio slotted for success  Yahoo Sports
League of Legends patch 10.4 breakdown  Daily Esports
Simon Bevilacqua: hydrogen hope  The Mercury
Moon has descended to earth: Smitten by her beauty, fans ask IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan why she's 'so cute' as she bids farewell to winter in adorable post  Janta Ka Reporter
Alien Hunters Need the Far Side of the Moon to Stay Quiet  WIRED
Lunar IceCube to Locate Water Resources Needed for Moon Base – Uses Ion Propulsion Thruster  SciTechDaily
China Announces Plans for Moon Base  Futurism
Op-ed | Lunar Gateway or Moon Direct?  SpaceNews
This Wild Moon Base Idea Came from Architecture Students (Video)
Russia Expects to Finish its Moon Base by 2040  The Merkle Hash
'The most terrifying moments': India counts down to risky Moon landing
Engineers and Architects Are Already Designing Lunar Habitats  IEEE Spectrum
These young scientists will shape the next 50 years of Moon research
Arnold engineers share what it means to them to be an engineer  Robins Rev Up
Russia Plans To Build A Base On The Moon To Track Asteroids On A Collision Course With The Earth  BroBible
Trump Might Be Thinking About a Moon Base  The Atlantic
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